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Please DO NOT use Shower Enclosure for 24 hours to allow silicone to dry.

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What This Warranty Covers

Glass Governor warrants to the original purchaser that except as provided below, materials provided by it will be free from defects when installed and labor provided by it will be free from defects in workmanship. This warranty is for a period of one year. It is a condition of this warranty that Glass Governor be paid in full.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover
By purchasing a product from Glass Governor, the terms expressed in this warranty are accepted by the purchaser in lieu of all other warranties expressed and/or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability and workmanlike construction and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. No information or advice provided by Glass Governor employees, agents, distributors, or dealers will in any way increase the scope or duration of this warranty. This warranty specifically does not cover glass table tops or warrant against leakage of shower enclosures. Any imperfections perceived to be product defects by purchasers that are otherwise allowable under industry standards for the product are not covered by this warranty.

Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that any product defects and/or imperfections resulting from defects, composition, type of construction or building method, or irregularities in the mounting surface or area of the structure where the product is to be installed will not be covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage to the products resulting from improper care, abuse, accidents, or acts of God. Exact placement and fit of products at specific locations, centering or otherwise may be modified, varied, or changed by the installer at the time of installation. Material is not safety glazed material unless so marked, and it is sold with the understanding that it will not be glazed in a “hazardous location” as defined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For Insulated unit and glass installation existing sashes and window stops will be re-used. Glass Governor is not responsible for touch-up painting that may need to be done after repairs are made. Although care will be taken to prevent it, Glass Governor will not be held responsible for any runs, chips, cracks, mars to the wall, or any other damage to purchaser’s property or the property on which the product is installed unless damage results from the gross negligence of Glass Governor. All other products and services not expressly included in this warranty were intentionally excluded and are not covered.

Important Information or Care of Product and Qualification Glass
Please be careful of the weight placed on the glass. A cutout in the glass can lead to a crack with excessive pressure. Starphire and other brands of “Low-Iron” glass are designed for clarity looking through the sheet, not the edge. The thicker and larger the piece of low-iron glass, the darker the edge becomes. Mirror Conditions Mirrors can never be totally perfect. Under close scrutiny, irregularities can sometimes be detected.

These originate in the manufacturing process, and are allowable under industry ASTM standards.
● These acceptable variances include:
● Hairline face and back scratches
● Pinhead bubbles or seeds
● Black edges
● Light rub marks
● Light discoloration
● Light digs or bruises


The buyer acknowledges that due to defects, composition and different types of construction/building methods of walls or otherwise, the space left on the sides to bottom on walls is unavoidable. Further, these irregularities in the mounting surface can produce some reflective distortion. On free form cuts around curves, railings, notches, etc., mirrors are cut as snug as possible, but gaps are necessary to relieve pressure on mirrors.

Shower Glass
Shower enclosures are not water tight. There is no warranty against leakage on shower enclosures. The installation may require drilling into existing support walls due to variations in wall surface. The integrity of your surface cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, Glass Governor will not be responsible for any runs, chips, cracks, or mars to the wall surface resulting from the mounting process. We recommend that the buyer squeegee off excess water after each shower. This is an effective way to prevent spot and mineral residue from adhering to the glass surface. Please read the label of any cleaning products to see if they can be used on aluminum.

Glass Tile Breakage
Although we cannot guarantee that the glass tile won’t break during installation. In the event that breakage does occur due to glass tile during installation, Glass Governor cannot be held responsible for replacement of broken glass tile.

Curbless and Zero Entry Showers and Tub Enclosures
We highly recommend using a u-channel system to curbless, zero entry and tub shower enclosures. If recommendation is not accepted, warranty will be voided. By incorporating a u-channel system, you can enhance the overall strength and stability of the enclosure, reducing the mishaps of the installation process.

Shower Hardware
Shower Hardware are warranted against mechanical or finishing defects for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of purchase. This warranty is VOIDED if the hardware has been damaged due to improper cleaning, installation or modification.

WARNING: Never use an abrasive cleaner of any kind on your hardware. Many of the components are coated with clean lacquer that will be irreparably damaged if subjected to chemicals scrubbing devices.

Duration of the Warranty
This warranty (Labor) shall last for a period of one (1) year from the date of the installation provided by Glass Governor. However, if the installation or any other work performed by Glass Governor with respect to the product is modified by anyone
other than Glass Governor, this and any other warranty provided by Glass Governor shall immediately be void. A transfer of ownership of the product shall also render this warranty void.

Limitation on Damages
Purchaser shall not recover any incidental or consequential damages that may result from a product or service defect otherwise covered by this warranty.

How to Get Service
If the purchaser of a product would like to submit a claim under this warranty, the individual should contact Glass Governor at:

Glass Governor – (678) 927-2024

The purchaser is responsible for maintaining a copy of the invoice from the purchase, and must be able to present the invoice at the time warranty work is requested. Glass Governor will then arrange a mutually convenient time for a service representative to inspect the claim and determine whether it is covered by this warranty. If covered, every effort will be made to replace or repair the product free of charge within fifteen (15) business days of the inspection.

Glass Inspection & Defects – ASTM Standards
“It’s much more difficult to explain expectations around industry standards once the Owner has already seen the glass… and decided it is not acceptable to their personal expectations.”

Glass isn’t perfect. It’s a fact worth repeating because few things cause more heartburn than glass industry standards, especially when those standards don’t align with the client’s expectations. Visible glass defects are the kicker in the luxury custom home niche. Expectations are high for everything, and glass isn’t perfect. In fact, the larger the piece of glass, the less perfect it is allowed to be.

Visible imperfections and defects in glass are covered by glass industry standards that are set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials). To be honest, ASTM standards span a wide variety of glass issues and it’s not easy to get to the heart of what constitutes a visible defect.

● Move away from the glass.
● Stand back 10 feet.
● Face the glass straight-on at 90 degrees.
● View in daylight but not direct sunlight
● Inspect the glass.
● Under these conditions, if you can’t see it from 10 feet – it is not a defect.

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