Bypass Shower Door Enclosures

A sliding shower door with two or even three tempered glass panes is known as a “bypass shower door.” Two aluminum tracks—one at the top and one at the bottom—hold these panels in place.

On some shower-only units as well as bathtub/shower combinations, bypass shower doors can be installed. Since a splash guard is not required, there is never a requirement to install a bypass shower door on a bathtub without a showerhead.

The most typical thickness of glass for shower doors is 3/8-inch, or over 10-millimeters. Nevertheless, 1/2-inch glass is regarded as an improvement even though it is not any safer than thinner glass.

Cambridge Bypass Shower Door

The Cambridge Series enclosure has the same streamlined design as the Serenity Series, with the addition of a dual header and dual operating bypass panels. The use of minimal hardware creates a frameless appearance that gives the enclosure an appearance of floating.

Specially designed roller bearings enable the door to open and close quietly and easily. The Cambridge Series is both functional and attractive due to its dual movable panels.

Standard Functions:

– 3/8 inch glass with gleamingly polished borders
– Dual stainless steel rectangular header
– Design of an externally affixed anti-jump roller
– Both panels have complete circumvent functionality.

Adjustable stop for open doors on both surfaces- Glass-mounted towel bars with tubular bases.

Clear Glass Header Bypass Shower Door

The Clear Glass Header Series reinterprets the term “frameless” shower doors by incorporating a first-of-its-kind all-glass header system in place of the metal support bars that typically stabilize modern sliding shower door systems of its ilk. It is also a double-sliding system, which is a growing market segment now that single-sliding modern devices such as the Serenity and Hydroslide are so prevalent.

Not only are these units distinctive and fashionable, but they are also durable and constructed to last! Concerns regarding the integrity of an all-glass header system are unfounded, as this innovative Series was subjected to rigorous testing at the Tempering facility.

These are genuinely remarkable home decor items. The all-glass design makes them versatile, as they complement both traditional and modern décor.

Standard Functions:

– 3/8 inch glass with gleamingly polished borders
– Dual rectangular Tempered Clear Glass Header
– Design of an externally affixed anti-jump roller
– Bypass Design – Two Static Panels
– Adjustable open doorstop movable door
– Glass-mounted towel bars with tubular bases.

Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Door

Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Door Enclosures have heavyweight framing and 3/8″ frameless glass with stunning polished edges for high-end applications. The design is completed by a fully rounded header in the Euro style and rounded towel bars that mount through the glass.

– Edges of 3/8″ safety tempered glass that are beautifully polished
– Heavyweight aluminum shower door frame with a high polish
hefty header in the Euro design with a completely rounded profile
– Heavy-duty L-shaped sill (LSL) with a 5° slope, a silencer, and a caulking channel that is simple to maintain “Snug-slide” shower door guide for secure, easy-to-clean sliding of glass panels
– Top rail that is continuous and fastened through the glass
– Extra-sturdy rollers with a 14″ vertical adjustment for simple panel alignment
removable glass panes that are simple to clean

The 180 Degree Standard Kit is made up of one sliding panel and one fixed panel. With the exception of the 90 Degree Accessory Kit. The robust polished or brushed stainless steel pieces may accommodate tempered glass that is 8 or 3/8″ thick.


Glass Thickness: 8 or 10 mm, 3/8″ Modest Safety Glass is made entirely of stainless steel.
Maximum Door Size: Do Not Exceed 88 Pounds (40 kg) or 30″ (762 mm) Wide
Holes must be fabricated in the door and the fixed panel.

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