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Glass Governor of Atlanta expertly oversees the complete installation or replacement for your wall-mounted mirror requests according to your unique requirements. Our neighborhood experts can install mirrors as well as supply custom-cut mirror and glass options for the majority of rooms in your house.

Every one of our custom mirror and glass solutions is made from premium glass, and each one is checked to make sure your mirror satisfies the high standards we have for all of our products.

Your home dcor might benefit greatly from a custom mirror. It is an inexpensive method to give your house a special touch. A mirror may make a room appear larger than it actually is and improve the lighting in the space. Call us and let us know the kind of custom mirror you want, and we’ll fabricate and install it for you.

Atlanta Glass Antique Mirrors

Machine Polished Edge Mirrors

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The most typical type of flat polished edge is seen on straight cut mirrors. A glass edging polishing machine with a variety of polishing wheels, ranging in grit size from coarse to fine, is used to pass the mirror through. The polished edges assist seal the mirror’s edges, preventing the glass from eventually developing a black border.

The mirror moves toward two wheels that are oriented at 45 degrees once the flat finish has been generated. These wheels grind the top and bottom of the glass, removing the sharp edge and producing an arris.

Beveled Edge Mirrors

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While custom mirrors can have clean-cut, flat-polished, or pencil-polished edges, beveled edges are the most luxurious. Beveled is a phrase that many consumers wrongly use to imply smoothed off, but it actually has a specific meaning in the glass industry. What precisely is a beveled mirror, then?

A beveled mirror has a polished, angled border that is typically 1 inch broad. It adds refinement to both framed and unframed mirrors by creating a light-diffusing edge.

The mirror’s edge thickness is decreased from 14″ to 18″ by the bevel, which can range in width from 1/2″ to 2″.

Custom Beveled Mirror Strips

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Using regular glass mirrors and our beveled mirror strips, you can create decorative custom mirrors. Each beveled mirror strip we install has a standard 1/2′′ (12 mm) broad bevel and is constructed of 1/4′′ (6 mm) thick clear plate glass mirror.

The bevel strips are available in ticknesses that are 2″, 3″, and 4″ broad. Additionally, we can include the fabrication of holes that will be drilled into the mirror for light fixtures, sconces, and electrical outlets.

We Install Custom Mirrors for

  • Individual wall mirrors
  • Mirrors in home gyms
  • Mirrors in bathroom vanities
  • Antique Mirrors
  • Closet doors with mirrors
  • Large-scale wall mirrors
  • Mirrors in dance studios
  • Wardrobe mirrors.

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